Tree Removal

Don’t cut that tree limb down yourself. Trust the experts at Stykemain’s Tree & Lawn Service LLC.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal  | Stykemain's Tree & Lawn Service LLC - Perrysburg, OH

Stykemain’s Tree & Lawn Service LLC specializes in professional tree removal services that Perrysburg, OH has come to depend on. Our expert arborists have the experience to handle any tree removal, no matter how large or hard to access, for completely economical prices.

Tree removal is hazardous, so you need experienced professionals who have the knowledge and tools to handle the job properly. At Stykemain’s Tree & Lawn Service LLC, we have the equipment to handle your tree removal quickly, with the care needed to protect your property and any people or pets in the area.

You can hire us to use our bucket truck or to climb the tree to remove the limbs and lower them safely to the ground to await disposal. Once the tree removal is complete, we have grinders capable of reaching the stump and eliminating this potentially hazardous eyesore.

Complete stump removal is important for a number of reasons. The rotting remains can attract termites or other insects. Critters of the four-legged variety could take up residence in the remaining roots. Stumps could get in the way of mowing, block future planting, or be a tripping hazard.

We strive to save trees that may need pruning or disease care. However, we know that damaged or diseased trees, even those that are just in the way of landscaping plans, will need to be removed.That’s when you need to contact the tree removal experts your Perrysburg neighbors trust. Call Stykemain’s Tree & Lawn Service LLC today to arrange for a tree inspection and a free estimate.